Ski Trip: Flumserberg (3)

What’s there to say? Another trip to Flumserberg, this time with Matus and his 7-month-pregnant girlfriend. I haven’t seen them in about half a year, so that was a surprise of epic proportions, no doubt. She sunbathed while we hit the slopes pretty hard. Aside from our missed train (by 20 seconds! after running there in my ski boots!), it was a pretty ordinary day. While fully overcast in Zürich, the gondola brought us above the cloudline and into flawless blue skies for the day – what a new year’s eve!

Matus has dessert
Matus has dessert

Later that day, Steph and I opened Christmas gifts (yes, a few days late). She got me a pair of Transcend GPS ski goggles by Zeal Optics. The first ski goggles in the world – to my knowledge – to integrate GPS, they include a small heads-up display that shows your speed, altitude, distance travelled and more. Since all those stats can later be uploaded to your computer, I expect that future posts will include some extracts.

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